Partnership approach

Street Action currently partners with and provides support for three organisations in Burundi, Kenya and South Africa. These organisations are pioneering and changing children’s lives in the countries that they operate. They are also in need of financial and strategic support but, importantly, also have the capacity to provide hope to their regions and the sector on the issue. Street Action partners with local projects that inspire and whose voice needs to be amplified in any popular movement around street children.

Street Action is particularly keen to support organisations where former street children play meaningful roles in both day-to-day activities, strategy development and advocacy. Projects where the children are not simply seen as victims but where the knowledge and experiences of street children are respected and seen as a resource.

Through listening to its partners and the children they serve, Street Action campaigns around key advocacy issues that relate to street children as well as around policy development on street children. Street Action is concerned that street children are marginalized by the Development sector and encourages both research and advocacy that is informed by the children themselves, former street children and those working most closely to them. In our advocacy campaigns we try and highlight issues that street children themselves are concerned about.