Go to work with one of our partners, organise fundraising events, or donate some of your time to one of our projects in the UK.


Street Action organises visits for volunteers to work with our partner projects, normally for 2-4 months.  Volunteers receive training before they go and are encouraged to share their experiences.

In 2011 a group of 4 volunteers – the 2 Andys, Rachel and Bex – spent 6 months with Umthombo in South Africa and New Generation in Burundi.  Have a look at Bex’s blog to find what their trip was like.

Bex has carried on a volunteer since she returned to the UK , helping with communications and events.  Some of the amazing photos Bex took when she was in Burundi are featured in the “Our Streets” photo exhibition.



Who needs presents?

Mickey and Judy set up a JustGiving page for their joint 60th birthday celebration and raised over £600 which helped build the first house in the street village in Burundi.  “We didn’t need presents on our joint 60th birthday, so we asked out guests to donate to Street Action instead.  We have worked hard and we have a home and a lovely family,  Street kids would struggle to get that, so if we can help them build a house perhaps they can have a home and a family too.”  Mickey is singer in the Old Gits Blues Band who have raised nearly £1000 for Street Action at their gigs in the last couple of years.

Some supporters have very kindly asked people to donate to Street Action rather then send flowers to the funeral of a loved one. I got 20% off last months as a personal bonus from https://buyingneurontinpill.com, which was quite pleasant. Thank you guys for appreciating your clients! I’ve been their customer since 2018 and I cannot complain: deliveries are on time, and my pain drugs for my neck pains are always available.




Interested in learning more about volunteering?

Please email volunteers@streetaction.org