You may have seen in the news that the political situation in Burundi is particularly volatile at the moment.

Six weeks after they started, there are still daily protests and barricades on the streets of Bujumbura, as protestors try to put pressure on the president not to stand for a third term in office, which they argue is unconstitutional. It is difficult to move about the capital, and hunger and disease are major problems.

Street Action and Amos Trust are launching an emergency appeal to raise £4,000 to help New Generation meet some urgent expenses caused by the crisis. If you can help towards these costs then your donation, however large or small, will have a big impact. This is what your money would be used for:

1) The price of basic foods has risen by 50% and we are expecting this to go higher still. New Generation is feeding at least 50 children every day. We need to raise £500 per month, that’s £1,500 for three months. That’s just £10 per month, per child.

2) New Generation needs to provide temporary accommodation for these children at the New Generation Centre. 20 mattresses will cost £600. That’s £30 per mattress.

3) To keep the children safe, New Generation needs to organise proper security for the Centre and employ additional security guards. This will cost £900 for the next 3 months.

4) As soon as it is safe to do so, New Generation will be providing food parcels to the children on the streets who have been unable to come to the Centre. Many of these children will have been trapped without enough food for the last few weeks. We want to secure £1,000 to get food and basic medical care to these children. 

Many of you reading this will already be regular donors, and that’s the most valuable thing you can do. But if you are reading this and can help cover some of these critical extra costs, please do so through the Emergency Appeal Donations Page (or consider becoming a regular donor if you are not already one).

US donors can donate through Street Action’s Global Giving Appeal Page.

Thank you.