As the world’s attention turns to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the first ever Street Child Games were held from 14th – 20th March in the heart of Rio. Children from nine countries participated in Olympic-themed sports and came together, as the Street Child General Assembly, to celebrate the right of all children to play and express themselves in a safe setting. The culmination of the games saw the children give a message to world leaders about the change they wanted to see. They reminded the world why we first fell in love with sport, of its unique power to bring people together – and to triumph over adversity. They came together to say : “I AM SOMEBODY.”

And Team Burundi, made up of four of the boys from New Generation, our partner project in Burundi, were there to participate in the games and act as ambassadors for their country. Innocent, one of the buy nolvadex online former street children from New Generation who now works as their outreach worker on the streets of Bujumbura, was a co-leaders of the Assembly.

You can follow their journey on their Facebook page or their Twitter page.