In Conversation with …

On 14 July 2021 we held our latest ‘In Conversation with New Generation’ online event. You can watch all the content from the evening below, including the full event which was recorded on Zoom.

Re-live the conversation we held with the young people, staff and volunteers at New Generation on Wednesday 14 July 2021.
Dieudonne Nahimana interviews Evangeline, one of the older young people who has recently taken part in the University Fund Programme at New Generation.
Hear the story of Issa, one of the young children recently supported by New Generation.
In this interview, we hear from Arlette, a volunteer at New Generation, where she talks about the psychological needs of street-connected children coming to the New Generation centre on a regular basis.
See how New Generation marked the Day of the African Child on the 16th June.

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