You might not know that new generation, our partner in Burundi, is an extremely unique street children project. This is because, essentially, it is a post-genocide nation-building project developing new leaders for Burundi’s future. It develops new leaders of integrity committed to standing against ethnic divide and corruption. What makes this even more extraordinary is the fact that that New Generation sees including and learning from street children as central to this. Dieudonné Nahimana, an ex street child and the dynamic leader of New Generation, once told me that he was inspired by street children during the conflict years in Burundi when he found himself living on the streets as a child after his fathers murder. He says ” I found street children to be the first group in Burundi to overcome ethnic divide.”   This inspiration led to his unique idea and the development of New Generation.

In this picture we see two schools teams coming together for a debating competition facilitated by New Generation at Bujumbura’s Palais des Artes. These teams of top students are part of New Generations’s leadership programme. This work is infused with its street children work. New Generation is extraordinary and we believe that is a pioneering project that can inspire others around the world as it pushes work with street children to another level. Join with us at Street Action to empower Dieudonné and his team. We want to develop our monthly support for their work. We particularly support ways that New Generation can become self supported and sustainable such as the Tree Cafe, a coffee shop/restaurant income generating project. To support this, please use our donate page, found above under “How We Work”. Thanks!