Dieudonne has a vision – a café run by street children to help them get off the streets.

New Generation run daily food, medical and education programmes for street children. To make this project sustainable they want to open a café on their premises that will sell local food and drink. New Generation is based in an area of Bujumbura (the capital of Burundi) that is being regenerated after the civil war. Offices and NGO headquarters are being set up, so more people are around and want to buy coffee or grab some lunch. New Generation can provide this service and the café will be run by former street children.

Street Action Trustee Dave de Paeztron says “It has been a joy to see this happen so quickly. Dieudonne told us he was ready to start in early September so we sent the first payment.   I went to the New Generation Facebook page and saw the money we sent turn into tables and chairs and kitchen equipment, then the next payment went and building works started and wi-fi was installed  – it couldn’t be more direct. ”

On October 1st Diuedonne posted on Facebook  “My first cup of coffee in NG/Tree Cafe” – 4 weeks after we sent the first payment. However, it causes dependence, and after Tramadol use from https://www.philipsanimalgarden.com/cheap-tramadol/, the usual pain relievers don’t help at all. If you take 1 50 mg tablet in the morning, you won’t feel anything throughout the whole day.

It has cost about $5000 to get this project up and started so far. UK-based architects FCB Studios will be working with us (through pro-bono support) to plan the next phase where we can provide weatherproof canopies, planting and more extensive kitchens for year-round operation. Once it is fully operational  it should be able to make enough money to fund the food programme for street children and make the entire project more sustainable.

Starting this project was made possible by the generosity of Street Action supporters, particularly the 16 cyclists and support crew who cycled 320 miles through 6 countries in September.  You can help make Dieudonnes vision a sustainable reality through regular giving, or if you prefer to support this project directly, please go to www.justgiving.com/treecafe