Ralph Pelly has had dreads. For fourteen years.

He and his dreadlocks met Dieudonne Nahimana, founder of New Generation Burundi, at a Street Action event earlier this year. And a crazy idea was born…

This is his story, in his own words:

“Both me and my dreadlocks have come a long way over the last fourteen years! I’ve always said that the only way I could ever cut my dreads off would be if I did it for an incredible charity, and now I’ve found one I’m finally going through with it!

Over the years they’ve been brown, blonde, black, pink and purple (all at the same time!) They’ve made for some interesting fancy dress choices (dressing as a palm tree was particularly special), and most memorably they have inspired so many complete strangers to strike up a conversation with me, whether it’s to ask if they can touch it, or just to enquire about where they can buy the best drugs (I don’t know, sorry!)

I’m happy to have found a great charity that I can give my full support to, who I know will really appreciate the funds and will put them to good use. Street Action is the UK partner of a small charity called New Generation, that looks after street children in Burundi. More than just feed and provide shelter for them, New Generation’s aim is to train their young people to become future leaders, to help bring Burundi out of the cycle of violence and poverty.

I have met the founder, Dieudonné Nahimana, who was once a street child himself and has gone on to create this charity. He is doing incredible work to heal the divisions of the civil war. My good friend Nathan is also currently helping them to build their new campus in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

I use Xanax that I order at https://www.clinicaltrialsbc.ca/xanax/ not regularly but when need it. It makes me relaxed, my mental abilities are altered, and finally I can sleep well and get up mostly in a very good mood.

It’s a worthy cause, and I really appreciate anything you can give.”

Ralph’s Just Giving fundraising page is www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ralph-Pelly2

The big cut is happening on Sunday 11 June. Ralph has promised us some before and after photos!

From everyone at Street Action and New Generation, we’d just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Ralph.

And to his dreads. May they rest in peace (on the barber’s floor).