New Generation in Burundi was abuzz on the 12th April, the International Day of the Street Child. It brought together New Generation children as well as those children currently living and working on the streets for a special football match (New Gen 7 – Current Street Boys 4!) and then provided food to the very hungry and exhausted youngsters!It was a fun way of introducing current street children to the programmes and team as well as the youngsters already at New Generation. They then spoke with those children affected by the market fire in Bujumbura, talking in groups about how to empower these children, previously reliant on the generic ambien market. The youngsters also received t-shirts and New Generation ID’s, to help people identify these boys with New Generation which offers them added protection. New Generation is supporting these children as they rebuild their lives. Street Action partners with New Generation through supporting their work with street children in Bujumbura, Burundi. Well done New Generation for ¬†marking the day in such a meaningful way.