Street Action wants to take this opportunity to thank and update supporters who stood with us in solidarity with Dieudonné Nahimana and New Generation in the aftermath of the central market fire in Bujumbura.
We are thrilled to announce that we reached 100% of our 5000GBP target! Thank you to all those who have supported this campaign. With your support, we have been able to respond to the crisis in two ways: Firstly, we have been able to provide funding for New Generations’s emergency response plan which has included providing feeding and outreach services to street children affected by the fire. It also means that New Generation has identified affected children and is now incorporating them into its ongoing work with street children. This has been a crucial intervention during the crisis as these children survived through the market.
Secondly, we have been able to provide some salary to Dieudonné, who does not receive a salary for his work for New Generation. Dieudonné, and his wife Maryam, had a small business that was based at the market and their family relied on this for income. It was destroyed in the fire. Street Action has been able to provide their family with a support mechanism through providing a period of salary to Dieudonné as they rebuild the business.
These responses have been vital and we are very grateful for all your support. Obviously we are keen to sustain our giving in order to support New Generation as it not only continues its work with street children but also puts focus back on the development of the Tree Cafe, a sustainable income project,, funded by Street Action, to generate local income to support their work. Dieudonné will also maintain his contact with the street children who were affected by the fire. We would really value your continued solidarity in this through joining up to support New Generation through giving a regular monthly donation to Street Action.
Dieudonné reports that prices in Bujumbura have skyrocketed since the fire: “Everything has become so expensive. Before the market was destroyed $1= 1300 fbu , last week it was $1=1800 fbu , we are helping the street children find good ways to survive and not anger the people who are also desperate.” Although there has been a new area allocated for a market rebuild and some monies, it will take a long time for people to rebuild businesses and for a full recovery. For some, it will be impossible.